Hair Removal

Laser or Wax Hair Removal in Grand Rapids, MI

An 80-90% permanent solution for hair removal, Intense Pulsed Light technology is one of the most versatile and gentle laser hair removal methodologies. Broad spectrum light wavelengths are pulsed through a crystal handle, and when this light meets with pigment, it is converted into heat. (Think of how a black shirt absorbs more heat from the sun than a white shirt - science!) Because of this, IPL is suited for clients with hair that is dark in contrast to their skin tone. Schedule hair removal in Grand Rapids, MI today!

Heat generated by IPL follows the melanin in the hair down to the rooted follicle, and that localized thermal damage destroys hair at the source. Each session effectively treats only the hairs that are both attached at the root and visible above the skin's surface.

Because hairs are in a variety of different stages of growth at any given time - some visible but detached from the root, some still making their way to the surface, and some at the perfect, treatable stage - it takes a minimum of 9 treatments to achieve full results.

Due to the nature of IPL, all guests who would like to begin treatments are required to receive a 30-minute consultation and a test patch. There is a 24-hour waiting period after the test patch to ensure your skin does well with this modality.

Nufree Wax Alternative

For guests who aren't candidates for IPL or who prefer a more temporary solution to hair removal, we offer wax hair removal treatment. The nufree procedure is nearly identical to waxing, but this botanical, anti-microbial formula only adheres to hair - not skin. Because of this, guests enjoy less irritation than with traditional wax. A cooling post-treatment antiseptic called finipil is applied afterwards. It is safe to apply makeup, swim, or tan immediately following this service. Schedule your wax hair removal!