A medi spa goes a step beyond a traditional beauty spa – BodyBrite has licensed estheticians that can operate medical beauty equipment such as microdermabrasion and IPL hair removal devices. We can offer all the same services of a traditional beauty spa, but we set ourselves apart with our skin care professionals that can assess your skin and recommend the best treatment plan for your unique skin care goals.

An oxygen facial combines a custom selected hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid and pure oxygen, the oxygen assists to infuse the serum into the skin. The procedure is painless and relaxing, with immediate visual results in your skin.

Oxygen facials are a great option for just about anyone. Combining oxygen facials with microdermabrasion is highly recommended, as the dead and damaged skin removal process prior to an oxygen facial will increase its effectiveness. Our skin care experts will perform a complimentary skin assessment on your first visit to determine what the best skin care routine is for you, and if an oxygen facial is the best choice for your skin.

Oxygen facials work by infusing serum and oxygen with the skin. Any dead or damaged skin can inhibit this process, so performing microdermabrasion first can increase the effectiveness of the oxygen facial treatment. By exposing fresh, healthy skin, and starting it off right with an oxygen facial, you will see immediate and lasting results for you skin.

Yes, you may but try to wait as long as you can after an oxygen facial to let the serum soak into the skin. BodyBrite recommends that you talk to one of our skin care professionals to determine the best makeup for your skin, one that will not be harmful and undo any of the positive benefits of your oxygen facial. Such as a mineral based makeup that lays on top of the skin.

IPL Hair Removal, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a safe and permanent means of removing unwanted hair on almost any body location. It is more effective and significantly less painful than traditional laser hair removal procedures, and much gentler on skin. IPL is the best all-around option for permanently removing unwanted hair.

IPL hair removal delivers rapid pulses of high intensity light to a specific area. These intense light bursts are converted to heat in a very localized and directed area, and this intense heat destroys the hair follicle, preventing future hair growth.

IPL Hair treatment starts working immediately, with noticeable results after your first few visits. Depending on your hair type, how much hair you have, and the size of the area, subsequent visits will be required.

IPL Hair removal works on contrast, so the difference in color between the hair and skin must be great enough for the IPL system to work. Fortunately, IPL works on a much wider variety of skin tones and hair types than traditional laser hair removal. For skin types 5 or 6 on the Fitzpatrick scale, IPL Hair removal may not be the best option, but BodyBrite will help to determine a solution for you, such as NuFree waxing hair removal system. Typically, BodyBrite can employ a combination of both IPL and waxing hair removal to achieve the desired results.

No permanent hair removal solution is completely pain free, but IPL Hair removal is significantly less painful than traditional laser hair removal. Better yet, IPL Hair removal is less damaging to the skin, and the wide range of skin care products and treatments offered by BodyBrite make for quick healing after IPL treatment.

IPL hair removal is completely permanent. Once the hair follicles are destroyed, the hair will not grow back. For temporary hair removal solutions, waxing can be used.

Waxing is a great alternative and complimentary service to IPL Hair removal. For those areas that are too sensitive for IPL hair removal (such as between the brow), or for skin tones and hair types that will not work with IPL treatment, waxing is used as a means of touching up. Additionally, for those not willing to fully commit to permanent hair removal, waxing is a great, affordable alternative.

Waxing is a great alternative to IPL hair removal for small touch ups, but if you are constantly using waxing for hair removal, why not remove the hair permanently? IPL hair removal is quick and relatively pain free, and after a few treatments you will never have to come back for more!

The SkinCeuticals gel peel offered by BodyBrite is great for sensitive skin types and doesn’t leave your skin feeling raw and sensitive like traditional facials. A BodyBrite gel peel leaves your skin feeling revitalized and healthy. Our gel peels are so mild that you can apply makeup after, but with how radiant your skin will be looking you probably will not want to! Sometimes referred to as a Lunch Time Peel.

A typical acne treatment program starts with cleansing the skin to remove excess debris and oil. Next, BodyBrite uses an exfoliating product to remove dead and damaged skin, exposing fresh, healthy skin underneath. A gel peel is then used to heal and revitalize the skin while cleaning pores, smoothing surface lines and rough skin, clear acne, and reduce hyper-pigmentation. After new, healthy skin is completely exposed, we rehydrate it and apply a protective agent to keep it healthy. After your treatment at BodyBrite, our skin care experts will recommend a home care package to keep your skin clear and healthy.

Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and the only one exposed to the outside world. Our skin takes a beating from the elements, from sun damage, dust and debris, and other elements. Despite being on the outside of our bodies, skin is still nourished from within. Diet can be one of the biggest contributors to skin health and appearance, and our skin care experts can help you with some tips for skin-healthy foods. Take care of your skin from the inside, and BodyBrite can help from the outside.

Most acne treatments employ harsh chemicals that work by burning and drying out the affected area, leaving the skin dry and sensitive. Our acne treatment combines advanced techniques only available at medical spas that treat the acne and heal the skin. Combining BodyBrite treatments with specific take home products recommended by our skin care experts for your unique needs will treat acne while also leaving skin healthy and revitalized. While many acne products actually damage the skin, ours is good for your skin and can actually help to heal damage.