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31 Aug Summer!

A Few of Our Favorite Things SUMMER EDITION

  1. SkinCeuticals SPF 50—PROTECT! SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 is a weightless fluid with 100% physical filters that provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and is water resistant for up to 40 min. This high protection zinc oxide sunscreen contains artemia salina, a plankton extract that increases skins resistance to UV and heat stress. Physical Fusion SPF 50 works well as a non-greasy makeup primer. It’s translucent color spheres adapt to every skin tone for those no makeup days. Physical Fusion SPF 50 is paraben free, non-comedogenic and is ideal for sensitive skin types. Try the matte formula for oily skin types!


BodyBrite Grand Rapids $36.


  1. SkinCeutical Anti-Oxidants—PREVENT! To postpone the appearance of accelerated skin aging there is no better compliment to sunscreen than a daily topical antioxidant. Anti-oxidants strengthen your skin against the inevitable summer overdose of UV rays, infrared radiation, pollution, and lifestyle factors that generate damaging free radicals that prematurely age the skin; such as alcohol and smoke. SkinCeuticals antioxidants are clinically proven to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and promote a naturally even skin tone by neutralizing free radicals. Use CE Ferulic during the day for dry/normal skin types. Try Phloretin CF during the day for combination/oily skin types. Use Resveratrol BE for evening repair and to reveal skin radiance and firmness.


BodyBrite Grand Rapids $152-$163.



  1. Teeth Whitening—MESMERIZE! Nothing shows off that summer glow like bright white teeth! Captivate your summer love with wink and a gleaming smile. In a mere hour you can lighten your teeth up to 12 shades!


BodyBrite Grand Rapids $99.


  1. Creative Cocktails. SALUTE! Consumption of Kiwi fruit helps ensure healthy, clear, beautiful skin. Kiwis are rich in pectin and fiber, which strengthen digestion. They also may prevent wrinkles and blemishes.  Pomegranates are also superb for overall skin health. This red fruit is power-packed with antioxidants which fight against free radicals, control acne, and prevent wrinkles. Try this twist on the classic Cosmopolitan at your next summer get together.



A handful ice cubes

1/4 oz triple sec (or Cointreau)

1/4 oz pomegranate juice

1/4 oz rosés lime (substitute fresh squeezed lime juice for more tart taste)

11/4 oz vodka (Citron)

2 kiwi sliced thin then frozen

Combine all ingredients (except kiwi) in a shaker. Shake. Strain. Garnish with frozen kiwi wheels and a twist of lime.

WHERE AND HOW MUCH? Enjoy at home with friends!

Stolichnaya Citron 750 ml–$29.99 at your local Meijer.

POM Pomegranate Juice 60 oz. $9.99 at Costco


  1. Oxygen Facial- Summer events—GLOW! Summer weddings, garden parties, family reunions—you name it…if it’s a party you will want to arrive looking radiant and aglow. BodyBrite’s Oxygen Facial preceded by a light exfoliation is the perfect pre-party treatment. For days after this treatment your skin will show a beautiful luminosity. Insufficient oxygen supply to the skin causes dull, thin looking skin and accelerated aging. BodyBrite’s Oxygen facial helps improve circulation and boosts the growth of new cells and collagen. This generates a healthy glow and brings a plumping effect to the skin. The oxygen facial is also very gentle and doesn’t cause any peeling, burning or redness making it an excellent choice for sensitive skin types. After a few hours, you can put your makeup on and go celebrate!


BodyBrite Grand Rapids $89 ($39 for first time clients!)


  1. Big Brimmed Hats—MAKE A STATEMENT! There may be no better way to make a great choice for protecting your skin as well as hiding any summer hair woes. Lucky for us big brimmed hats are all the rage this summer. Go with a natural straw hat with a brim so big it’s floppy for shopping at the farmer’s market or a day trip to the beach. Grab lunch at an outdoor café with your bestie while sporting a colorful textured bucket hat and a swipe of mascara…Or pick a sleek black or navy tight brimmed fedora for that uptown girl look. Check out the amazing options at Grand Rapids favorite clothing and accessory store Humanity Boutique.



Humanity Boutique in MoDiv Shopping Center- 40 Monroe Center Grand Rapids MI.  


  1. Dinner Cruise on Lake–RELAX! You’ll remember why you brave the Michigan winters when you take a stay-cation to Traverse City and book a day trip on the Great Lakes largest sailing catamaran the “Nauti-Cat”.  Advanced reservations are recommended, but we were able to book a last minute cruise on a day we were feeling spontaneous and just needed an adventure. The Nauti-Cat cruises are amazingly affordable and even occasionally feature live music. Bring your sunscreen!


Traverse City, Michigan


  1. Bikini Bare—ZAP! Strut your stuff when you get bikini bare! BodyBrite Grand Rapids can help you go bikini bare in 6 to 9 treatments. Imagine never having to worry about a last minute trip to the pool, razor burn or ingrown hairs again! Set up a complimentary consultation today!


BodyBrite Grand Rapids (616)466-7029

Package pricing available after consultation


  1. Glo Minerals Lip Gloss—DAZZLE! Glo Minerals lip gloss contains antioxidants, conditioners and mineral pigments to deliver a nourishing punch of color and shine. You can’t go wrong with a wisp of coral colored Taffy, Brown Sugar to compliment any skin tone or for just the right dash of shine, try the barely-there Star Struck.


(glo-minerals Brown Sugar)



BodyBrite Grand Rapids


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29 Apr Waxing–Alternative to permanent hair removal

Hi friends! We are excited to announce we are adding a new service. WAXING!  We hemmed and hawed about this decision. We, after all, are huge advocates of permanent hair removal. The ease of permanently removing unwanted hair really can’t be touched by other hair removal methods.

It is important to note that there are many people, unfortunately, are not candidates for permanent hair removal using IPL laser. The short list of non-candidates are: People receiving chemotherapy, people with skin type 4 or 5 (referring to the darkness of the skin as measured by the Fitzpatrick scale), people with white, gray, light red or very blonde hair– and more. For these people, the best alternative is a gentle and effective waxing system used by an experienced skin care specialist.

Lest we forget…another awesome reason to have waxing services available at BodyBrite Grand Rapids is because most of us pay very close attention to the eyebrows. We don’t want them getting out of hand. The laser can neither treat the area underneath the brow nor in between the brows. And, as with everything at BodyBrite Grand Rapids—we have some of the best prices around.


Beautifully arched brows make the most natural make up application look professional and polished.

Beautifully arched brows make the most natural makeup application look professional and polished.



We’ve chosen a product that I’ve worked with before. It’s called Nufree Nudesse. I have never worked with a better more effective waxing system. I’m super thrilled to be using it again. The thing about it….it’s not actually a true wax. But for lack of a better term when explaining what we can do as an alternative to IPL laser hair removal, we will continue to use the word “wax” as a verb to refer to the action of what we are doing.

Here are a few facts about Nufree you may be interested to know:

  •  Nufree is carried by thousands of professional salons, plastic surgeons offices and med spas throughout the world. It was developed over 30 years ago to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery. Nufree was tested for 10 years before its release to ensure exemplary product performance.
  •  Nufree contains no wax sugar or honey. It never dries or sticks to the skin, so it doesn’t pull or cause painful irritation.
  •  Nufree is a botanical formula designed to be antibacterial and antimicrobial. It is germ free and safe for use on the entire body.
  •  Nufree is scientifically tested and uses no animal products.
  •  Fun fact!! Nufree is made right here in the good ol’ USA!

Give us a call today! We are excited to have opened our new waxing room and to see your cute face in it!

BodyBrite is located near Bonefish Grill at 1144 East Paris SE. Grand Rapids MI. Just a hop off I96. Cascade Exit A. 616.466.7029

Take Care as Always,
Racquel Viilo
BodyBrite Grand Rapids

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17 Apr Sunscreen!

With warmer days filled with sunshine ahead of us, let’s talk about the importance of sunscreen.  There are many reasons to wear sunscreen daily.  With the ozone layer depleting our skin needs shielding from the harmful rays. Sunscreen will help to prevent brown spots, skin discolorations, it can also help reduce the appearance of facial red veins and blotchiness. With Rosacea becoming more common and skin sensitivities on the rise, wearing UV protection could help with the inflammation of these skin concerns.

Sun Damage isn’t always visible. Under the surface, ultraviolet light can alter your DNA, aging your skin prematurely. Over time, DNA damage can contribute to skin cancers.  We must change our culture’s unhealthy misconception that tanned skin is a sign of health and beauty. When choosing a sunscreen, make sure it has broad spectrum coverage and apply 30 minutes before going outside and reapply often.

SkinCeuticals carries multiple sunscreens that are fabulous.  Check out our sunscreens at BodyBrite Grand Rapids.

For more information on our special events, be sure to “Like” us on Facebook!

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18 Mar BodyBrite at the Grand Rapids Women’s Expo

BodyBrite Grand Rapids loves a good ladies event! We hope you were able to visit our booth and sign up to win a free Microdermabrasion + Oxygen Facial combo.

Thanks to SkinCeuticals for providing us with their SkinScope machine – a new technology that reveals skin imperfections beyond what’s visible in everyday light – and helps us properly recommend the best skincare treatments for our clients. We were able to gift samples of our SkinCeuticals SPF 50 and chat with attendees about the importance of daily SPF protection for optimal skin health.

In addition to the facial giveaway and skin analysis – our estheticians Racquel and Sydney introduced our BodyBrite Grand Rapids street team! Be on the lookout for Madeline Viilo, Cassidy Viilo and Kirsten Domagwski at your local West Michigan gyms, charities and community activities. They will be passing out goodies and helping with whatever the cause may be!

For more information on our special events, be sure to “Like” us on Facebook!

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30 Nov Grand Opening Celebration

We are officially open! Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Grand Opening Celebration. What a great day filled with lots of familiar faces.

Be sure to stop in to our center on East Paris Avenue (by Ju Sushi) to see what we’re all about. We’d love to give you a tour! And it’s a great opportunity to ask us about our wide range of med spa services:

See you soon! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram too!

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