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Waxing–Alternative to permanent hair removal

29 Apr Waxing–Alternative to permanent hair removal

Hi friends! We are excited to announce we are adding a new service. WAXING!  We hemmed and hawed about this decision. We, after all, are huge advocates of permanent hair removal. The ease of permanently removing unwanted hair really can’t be touched by other hair removal methods.

It is important to note that there are many people, unfortunately, are not candidates for permanent hair removal using IPL laser. The short list of non-candidates are: People receiving chemotherapy, people with skin type 4 or 5 (referring to the darkness of the skin as measured by the Fitzpatrick scale), people with white, gray, light red or very blonde hair– and more. For these people, the best alternative is a gentle and effective waxing system used by an experienced skin care specialist.

Lest we forget…another awesome reason to have waxing services available at BodyBrite Grand Rapids is because most of us pay very close attention to the eyebrows. We don’t want them getting out of hand. The laser can neither treat the area underneath the brow nor in between the brows. And, as with everything at BodyBrite Grand Rapids—we have some of the best prices around.


Beautifully arched brows make the most natural make up application look professional and polished.

Beautifully arched brows make the most natural makeup application look professional and polished.



We’ve chosen a product that I’ve worked with before. It’s called Nufree Nudesse. I have never worked with a better more effective waxing system. I’m super thrilled to be using it again. The thing about it….it’s not actually a true wax. But for lack of a better term when explaining what we can do as an alternative to IPL laser hair removal, we will continue to use the word “wax” as a verb to refer to the action of what we are doing.

Here are a few facts about Nufree you may be interested to know:

  •  Nufree is carried by thousands of professional salons, plastic surgeons offices and med spas throughout the world. It was developed over 30 years ago to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery. Nufree was tested for 10 years before its release to ensure exemplary product performance.
  •  Nufree contains no wax sugar or honey. It never dries or sticks to the skin, so it doesn’t pull or cause painful irritation.
  •  Nufree is a botanical formula designed to be antibacterial and antimicrobial. It is germ free and safe for use on the entire body.
  •  Nufree is scientifically tested and uses no animal products.
  •  Fun fact!! Nufree is made right here in the good ol’ USA!

Give us a call today! We are excited to have opened our new waxing room and to see your cute face in it!

BodyBrite is located near Bonefish Grill at 1144 East Paris SE. Grand Rapids MI. Just a hop off I96. Cascade Exit A. 616.466.7029

Take Care as Always,
Racquel Viilo
BodyBrite Grand Rapids

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